Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Color of Forgiveness is Published

Holy crud. I finally got Color of Forgiveness published. Yahooooooo! Thank you soooooo much for your patience!!! I had a lot of crazy things happen, but I somehow managed to get 'er done! Here are the links:



  1. I wanted to say that I loved both books. Just finished Color of Forgiveness today.

    I only developed a love of reading several years ago, but since then I've read a lot. I think with regards to the Color of Forgiveness, it's the first time that a story continued quite a bit farther than most authors would take a story, and I loved that!

    Susie ... LOVE HER! Even when I would end up crying, Susie would say something that would have me laughing through the tears. Oh hell, I cried when it was revealed what Myra and Dylan named the baby. LOL I kept thinking that if it was a girl, maybe they would name her Melanie in honor of Mel, but I like they did more. :)

    I can't help wondering if you will write more books that revolve around the characters in your first two books. Sure, I'd love to read more about Dylan and Myra, but you did a fantastic job of wrapping up their story.


  2. So happy and excited for you! Can't wait to read COF! Congratulations!